by: Shelin Yap

You know it, that monthly visit that every woman gets whether you like it or not.

Some may take it as the result of a free pregnancy test and feel totally relieved (especially if they’re quite the gambler when it comes to contraception), while others may be devastated they are bleeding again.

Still, all too familiar is that panic attack when you wake up with blood stains on your bedsheet (hand in the air if your Asian mom freaks out). Or worse, having stained the car seat when on a date with that guy… you know the male type that only knows how babies are made but not how they form.

Anyhow over the years, my period-saviour has come in the form of some amazing period tracking apps that made my vacations all the better. It meant having my pads ready at the right time. And no more need to worry about those white pants.

1. Flo

The sleek design and the interface of this app has given other period tracking apps a real reason to up their aesthetic game. I would normally associate a pretty-looking app like Flo to be flooded with a high price tag or annoying ads.

But Flo is FREE, unless you want to access more features, like an in-depth health assistant chat and customised health insights, that comes with a premium subscription.

I hate to admit it but sometimes it’s hard to open up even to your Asian Mom when you see a funny colour in your discharge. Helpfully, the app suggests articles explaining this and much more.

It even doubles up as a journal where I can track my emotions. And if you are on the pill or planning to have a baby, the app calculates the days you’re most or least likely to conceive. You can even personalise the reminders!

ps:/ There is a ‘Secret Chats’ feature that I am not supposed to share, and it’s time that you reveal your secrets.

2. My DaysX

What this app lacks in aesthetics, it probably makes up with its period prediction accuracy. I have had my fair share of trying different period tracking apps and MyDaysX has not gotten it wrong as far as my period is concerned. Impressive.

But perhaps this period tracking app is more geared for the moms-to-be. With the more data I fill in, the app even indicates the baby gender if I wanted to make one today! Fascinating.

3. 大姨妈

If you are the woman that’s more comfortable to share with your Da Yi Ma (‘eldest aunt’ when literally translated from Chinese) here’s the app for you! Just like your eldest auntie, this app actually sends the warmest (and sometimes weirdest) reminder.

Expect lines like, “Hello darling, you period is in two days! Please don’t be angry and if you do, please know that it’s their fault, not yours.”

While period apps usually show the data of the best time for baby-making and not so much on your personal health, this app actually focuses on three main columns which track the level of your discomfort, the flow and the colour of your period.

Then it generates your health status into a report from your most recent update, followed by a suggestion of an article or a forum that discusses your issue. For FREE!

Being a 26-year-old Asian woman, I still feel the need to hide the period tracking apps on my phone. Simply to avoid questions from prying eyes. But I probably shouldn’t feel this way. Everyone has different apps for many reasons. Having a period tracker app as a woman should be a norm, and I am trying to get used to that. No more hiding!

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