By Po Lin Lim

With so much said about ‘love’, what does it really mean to love someone? Friends, family and lovers alike, here’s six quotes for you to chew on.

1. Give ‘em space

It can be too easy to demand those we love to conform to our emotions and values. Or to think you need their constant affection or attention. But pause a moment and ask yourself, is it not when you are free to express and embrace your individuality that you feel loved? So indulge those you love with healthy space. 

Even so, different individuals require different types of space and to varying degrees. To avoid suffocating those you love or brew resentment in them, find out exactly what sort of space they need

Love is allowing each other healthy time apart and the autonomy to live as individuals. 

2. At the heart of happy relationships, is acceptance

In this era of social media and self-improvement galore, there is power (and relief!) when we know we are loved just as we are. That’s not to say we can’t be better versions of ourselves. Acceptance isn’t condoning mediocrity. Acceptance means gifting each other the assurance that we are lovable even while we’re on our journey towards better.

Love is celebrating all that she or he is, quirks and all. 

3.Meaningful relationships share laughter.. and tears

As humans, we’re hardwired for intimate connections. When you share only laughter but not your pain, you’re allowing only half of you in the relationship. To enjoy a relationship where you are intimately connected requires the both of you to open up to one another

Love is basking in each other’s sunshine and dancing in the rain together.

 4. Make ‘em smile

Simple acts or even a text that says “I miss you or “Can’t wait to see you after work” can do wonders. 

If you haven’t yet figured it out, discover their love language. Then go ahead and brighten their day or uplift their spirits when they’re feeling down, in their exact love language.

Love is when a person’s happiness matters to you.

5. A Little Biasness Makes the Day

Your partner or friend needs to know how special they are to you. No matter how long you’ve been together, everyone finds deeper meaning in the relationships where they’re wanted and valued. 

Love is letting the other person know that she or he truly matters to you.

It’s pretty cool when you spark a connection with someone, among the many humans there are. When the person you love, loves you back – that’s quite the treasure! 

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