By Ee Von.S.M

There are times when my little one drives me insane.

Like the time when he insists on being absolutely stuck to me 24/7.
Even when I need a toilet break. In that instance, I did what most mothers would – go to the toilet with the doors open! (Beat having him follow me into the toilet.) And all within a safe distance where he can be alone without crying his eyes out, and we can still maintain eye contact.

The whole 24/7 mothering is undoubtedly challenging. And truly exacerbated with the multiple Covid-19 lockdown directives this year. During this unprecedented time, where day care, nursery or even a walk in the park can actually impose more danger and risk to your child, staying home seems to be the only way to keep you and your child safe.

Here are three tips for staying sane while stuck with your kids at home all day long.

1. Create a schedule for you and your kid

There I’ve said it! You may think it’s cliche, but the importance of having a set routine cannot be overstated.

Boring as it sounds, try repeating the things you do in the same order every day. From breakfast > playtime > nap time > lunch > play time > shower time > dinner > sleep time.

A routine will help your child understand what to expect from the day. Once you successfully set a routine with your child, you’d be able schedule your own to-do-list into the daily schedule and work around them.

2. Occupy the kid – or more like Distracting them!

The gateway to ‘me time’ (for chores, work or leisure) is to have your child occupied with something else. Simple in theory, yet any mother will empathise with the execution.

The key here is to cycle through activities during their play time. Keep it fresh and exciting for them. For ideas of inexpensive and easy activities with your child, you can refer to an example of ten fun activities at home here.

Engaging your child in a myriad of activities, will also enable you to observe his or her strength and weakness. See what they are good with and where they need more help with. Keep the activities coming!

3. Embrace and include them in everything you do

I’m a firm believer of attachment parenting. Your child will always love to be with you, more than anything else.

If they are still very young, carry your baby in your carrier and do your stuff.

If they are old enough, let them help you with your task. It’s a great way to include them, and teach them how to be independent from a young age. Do house chores together. Work around them, but just be extra vigilant that there’s no risk or hazard in the activities you are letting your child take part in.

Take a deep breath and remember, your child is ecstatic to spend time with you at home! Try seeing these times at home as an opportunity rather than trouble.

Stay safe, stay sane mama! It will soon pass (and you’ll miss that home time with the little one!).

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