by Quin Ooi

In a pre-covid world, dating would involve an exchange of contact information then meeting up over a movie or meal.

Now, the pandemic has elevated online dating to a new level. Not only are more people talking online, more people are also meeting new people online. On video.

Almost 2 years into the pandemic now, zoom dates is a phenomenon that many are embracing.

How do you get to know someone better without the cafes, cinemas, or bars?

Here’s a few ways (with how-to links) you can get to know someone better on video:


Before you start, don’t make these mistakes! Make sure you:

  • have a stable internet connection
  • lock your room door so that there’s no siblings or parents barging in
  • use headphones
  • check your camera angles before going online! Even though a video call, you’d still want to look good right?

Watch a Movie Together

Netflix and chill, literally. Watch a movie together on video! Do you both enjoy the same movies? What if he’s a chatter and you’re not?

You can still find out.

There are many apps available that will sync the movie while allowing you and your partner to communicate. Here are some options:

Don’t forget to get some snacks and drinks ready!

Question Prompts

Afraid of possible awkward silences?

Skip the usual “what do you do” small talk. Question prompts are perfect ways to keep the conversations alive and interesting. A quick Google search will get you a list of questions.

Alternatively, We’re Not Really Stranger is a card game designed to initiate deep and meaningful conversations.

Optional: do a double date with another couple!

Virtual Game Night

Don’t want to talk or watch a movie? Not a problem. Play some games together! What better way to get to know someone than finding out if your competitiveness matches.

Similar to apps like Teleparty and Discord, there are also free online games app that allows you to play together in real time.

Here’s popular games you can try:


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