Should Women Want to Have It All?

Feminism paved the way for us women to have the luxury of choice. So we must choose for ourselves what makes us truly happy and fulfilled. Our measure of success should no longer be how much we had to give up or how good we are at juggling our work-life balance.

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I Love Being a Mixed Blood in Malaysia

I like to think that the more comfortable you are in your own skin, the easier it is for people to look beyond your appearance and vice versa. It has certainly taught me to look beyond skin-deep beauty. Having this skin has given me the opportunity to learn beauty and bodies in all forms.

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Online Dating During Covid-19

In a pre-covid world, dating would involve an exchange of contact information then meeting up over a movie or meal. ore people talking online, more people are also meeting new people online. On video. Now, the pandemic has elevated online dating to a new level.

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Asian Weddings – Is It Ever About The Bride & Groom?

We’re all too familiar with the ‘need’ to step up in our social standing. When will this constant need to impress others end? Weddings are supposed to be the celebration of new beginnings – two souls connected in love – surrounded by loved ones. No less, and definitely no more.

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4 Ways to Grow Your Relationship in Pandemic

To me, nothing is more beautiful or more hopeful than the idea of two people who are separated by continents, but whose feelings get stronger day by day, whose eyes are only for the other person in a sea of humans, and whose hearts are still beating as one.

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