Having a party? Check out these two easy & unique hotpot (steamboat) recipes ready to impress – easy, (halal) and delicious!

Satay Celup (Steamboat Satay) is a dish where an assortment of raw and semi-cooked seafood, meat (including raw meat) and vegetables on skewers are dunked into a hot boiling pot of satay gravy. A perfect combination of satay and hotpot, yum!

Soy Milk Miso uses soy milk in the broth, comes with naturally sweet and creamy texture. When all the vegetables and meats are submerged in the broth, everything comes together resulting in a well rounded, savoury hotpot.


1. Wash the satay sticks with water

2. Boil a pot of water to a rolling boil

3. Add the washes satay sticks and boil for at least 5 minutes,then remove and let it cool aside

1. For taukee: Slice into small rectangles

2. For kangkung (water spinach): Wrap into tight bunches,fold the stalks by 2 inches length then wrap the leafy ends around the stalk

3. Skewer the ingredients with satay sticks


  1. Boil 1,600ml (or 800ml if cooking one packet) of water in a large pot

2. Add Heng’s packets of spices into the boiling water

3. Stir well until well combined and cooked

4. Add ground peanuts and salt to taste *optional


  1. Slice the daikon radish and yellow onion into thin slices

2. Peel and mince ginger *Tip: Use a spoon to peel the ginger quicker

3. In a clean pan, toast the white sesame seeds until slightly brown, using a mortar and pestle *alternative: use a ziplock bag, pound the toasted sesame seeds into fine powder

4. Heat up a large pot on the stovetop and add sesame oil

5. Stir in radish, yellow onions & ginger, saute for 5 minutes or until softened

6. Pour anchovy stock and bring to a boil

7. Lower the heat. Add shiitake mushrooms*Tip: Add more shiitake mushrooms for extra flavour

8. Add unsweetened soy milk, miso paste and grind toasted sesame seeds.

9. Add mirin for a little boost if you like*optional: mirin is non-halal, so leave it out completely to keep this halal

10. Stir well and add napa cabbage

11. Simmer for at least 30 minutes.*Tip: Best if cooked a few hours before serving to allow the flavours to combine


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